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Tractor pull (3)

The world’s most powerful motorsport

With engines topping 8000 horsepower, these machines leave F1 cars for dead. It sounds country, but there is nothing backwards about tractor pulling. There’s a reason it’s called the world’s most powerful motorsport.


Highs and Lows from life in the UK

I flew out of Manchester last week with just hours left on my UK working visa, using the flight to Dublin to remind myself that although it didn’t feel like it, my arrival into England last year was actually a while ago. Looking back, there have been so many, many highs, and thankfully, just a handful of lows.

Ravenglass (12)

A day on La’al Ratty – Finally

In a quiet valley in the heart of the Lake District, a little steam train puffs through the fells. La’al Ratty travels from the coast at Ravenglass to the green paddocks at Boot. And you know how I love trains…

Black Sail (6)

Escaping the real world: A night at Black Sail

Accessible only on foot or bike, YHA’s Black Sail hostel is something of a Lake District treasure. While the traditional philosophy of hostelling has modernised, Black Sail is a beautiful, remote exception where guests eat together, wash up their own dishes and enjoy each other’s company in the middle of nowhere.


The Shop With No Keeper

Visiting the Honest Shop in Coniston is like stepping back in time – back to an era when dinner was always homecooked and your clothes home made.


Snow in spring? Must be England

English weather often reminds me of what I grew up with in Tasmania – frequently wet and cold, occasionally sunny and beautiful, but most of all: consistently unpredictable


In Pictures: Six months in the Lake District

Last week marked seven months for me in England’s Lake District. Not bad for what started out as a two-week job. I’m still in love with this place. My jaw dropped when I caught the bus to Keswick for my…

london cover

My perfect day in London

A little while ago I wrote about my reasons for not wanting to live in London. All of them still stand. But that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in visiting occasionally. My most recent trip to The Big Smoke had…


London’s best kept secret: The Mousetrap

If you think Miss Marple is a brand of cake mix and Poirot is a French wine, this post may be of little interest to you. However if the dotty spinster from St Mary Mead and our little egg-shaped headed man are…