A Few of my Favourite Stories

You feeding the carp

I don’t remember your name

He came to my aid when I was questioned by Turkish guards. Then he spent the day showing me around his home town. He was one of those people that make travelling so wonderful. Yet I can’t remember his name.

The layers of a francesinha

Porto’s heart attack on a plate

It was the most disgusting and awesome thing I’ve eaten. A sandwich filled with five kinds of meat, topped with an egg and melted cheese, dripping in a sauce made from beer and surrounded by chips. Yep, that’s francesinha.

St Sava Chuch in the south

Kosovo’s divided city

In any other city it would be just a bridge. But the bridge in Mitrovica is symbolic of the divide between Serbs and ethnic-Albanians that exists in this city in Northern Kosovo. The river acts as an unofficial border between the two worlds.

Patriachate of Pec

A monastery behind enemy lines

The Patriarchate of Peć is a beautiful Serbian Orthodox monument. It’s also a monument in danger. The church sits within the territory of Kosovo and is protected by high stone walls, wire fences and a gun-toting guard.

World Testicle Cooking Championships (11)

World Testicle Cooking Champs

Nine times out of ten, when someone presents you an offer you can’t refuse, it is easily turned down. But then the tenth time, it’s an invite to the World Testicle Cooking Championship in Serbia. How do you say no to that?