Stories from the road

The Red Highway

The Red Highway

The landscape on the journey through Queensland’s Cape York Peninsula changes constantly – but we always return to the Red Highway.

Parliament House courtyard feature

The hidden courtyards

Each autumn, guided tours take visitors through the maze of courtyards hidden within the walls of Parliament House in Canberra.

Orkney Islands farmland

Flirting with Orkney

The Orkney Islands had teased me for a long time. They aren’t as popular or well known as others in Scotland, but looking at the cluster of dots at the top of the map, I was intrigued.

Overland Track finish

The finish line

On paper 70 kilometres doesn’t seem like much, but days of walking takes its toll on the Overland Track.

Overland Track feature

Finding my feet

When the track is tricky and boggy it takes effort to remember to look up and enjoy the scenery.