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Metamorphosis 1957

Staying in Wonderland

Charles Blackman is one of Australia’s most prominent artists. His works are imaginative and whimsical – a trait that has been embraced in his namesake hotel, The Blackman, in Melbourne.

Durmitor National Park-feature

Losing my way

I wasn’t lost. Not in the way I could be in mountains and trails like these. But I had no idea where I was or where I was going.

Hosier Lane feature

Living art in Hosier Lane

It’s about 2.30pm on a Monday afternoon and Hosier Lane, a graffitied alley off Melbourne’s Flinders Street, is alive.

At Bay of Fires


It happened just like before, only in reverse. This time, instead of feeling the urge – or rather the need – to go, I wanted to stay. So I am.

Magic moments

Magic moments in the wilderness

At the end of a second day of rain and wind along the Overland Track I wrote in my notebook: “It’s the littlest moments that make this so amazing.”

Bridestowe oak tree

The fields of purple

The lavender fields at Bridestowe Estate are a stunning sight. But they aren’t the biggest attraction here.

Overland Track

Now it’s my turn…

For almost 20 years I’ve dreamed of walking the Overland Track through the Tasmanian Wilderness. It’s finally happening.