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Durmitor National Park-feature

Losing my way

I wasn’t lost. Not in the way I could be in mountains and trails like these. But I had no idea where I was or where I was going.

Stairs in Krusevo

Kruševo: A town of surprises

“Everyone goes to Bitola but no one goes to Kruševo,” complained the guy behind the hostel reception desk. “I’ll go. Where is it?”

Newborn sign

What it’s like to travel in Kosovo

I had expectations of Kosovo as a country still finding its identity after a war that wasn’t all that long ago. So I was surprised to instead discover a country that was traveller-friendly and packed with fascinating history, culture and sights.

Train in Belgrade

The cost of travelling in Serbia

During my three-week trip in Serbia I kept track of my expenses and put together this guide of the cost of accommodation, food, transport and sightseeing.

Pelister (19)

If you go into the woods…

On paper it seemed possible. Pelister National Park was mere kilometres from Bitola in south-west Macedonia. With a sizeable town on its fringes, surely the park would be pretty accessible? Yes. And no.

Serbia (5)

Travelling in Serbia. Urgh.

Travelling in Serbia is fun, beautiful and incredibly frustrating. It’s a country that has yet to embrace mass tourism. That makes for a interesting travel experience, but not an easy one.