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Why I travel: things that made me say “wow”

Expectations are a funny thing, especially when travelling. But what happens when you have no idea what’s around the corner, therefore no expectations? In my experience, it’s led to some of the best moments of my travels so far.


Venice’s historic craft: Murano glass

Almost every second store in Venice sells glass products, whether it be cheap mass-produced necklaces or bracelets for about five euro or elaborate designs with a price tag to match. While some it seems a bit tacky, glass making has a…


Getting lost in Venice

In Casino Royale, Daniel Craig, as James Bond, races around Venice. In the film the city looks so gorgeous. (As does Daniel Craig) Lovely old buildings, the weaving canals – a-one-of-a-kind city. What those scenes don’t show are all the tourists. So many tourists….


The world’s most beautiful bookshop?

“WELCOME to the most beautiful bookshop in the world” reads the sign. In the maze of streets and canals that is Venice we have stumbled across Libreria Acqua Alta. From the street it looks no different to any other: cluttered…


il Latini – Tuscany on a plate

It had been sold to me as “the best Tuscan meal of your life”. And judging by the line-up we faced on our first attempt to eat at il Latini, I reckon that wasn’t an overstatement. After our rookie mistake…


Florence’s pin-up boy

Michelangelo’s David. The world’s second most famous David. I’d be a lot more excited about seeing the first one naked, but I’ll leave that for Victoria Beckham. So why all the fuss over this naked statue? I honestly have no…


A pleasant surprise in Florence

I’m a fan of exploring outside the major cities. I find big cities to be more or less the same.  There are exceptions and Italy is one of them. But I always viewed our visit to Florence as eating into…


On the road: Tuscany

Ah Tuscany. Beautiful, hot, scenic, hot, lovely, hot Tuscany. Yes, Italy is experiencing its first heat wave of summer. A sticky, sweaty, police-patrolling-the-fountains-in-case-people-jump-in kind of heat wave. Yay. I’m not a summer person. Give me a rainy, cold day and…


How to get funny looks in Rome

How to guarantee strange looks from every person standing near you: Take a flowery, china teacup, set it down on a 2000-year old ruin, and proceed to take a picture. Then be prepared to explain yourself. The choices for a…