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Orkney Islands farmland

Flirting with Orkney

The Orkney Islands had teased me for a long time. They aren’t as popular or well known as others in Scotland, but looking at the cluster of dots at the top of the map, I was intrigued.

View from Edinburgh Castle

On Missing Edinburgh

Edinburgh stole my heart years ago, so much so that’s now my favourite city in the world. There’s so much to love, and so much to miss, about this wonderful Scottish capital.

Tractor pull (3)

The world’s most powerful motorsport

With engines topping 8000 horsepower, these machines leave F1 cars for dead. It sounds country, but there is nothing backwards about tractor pulling. There’s a reason it’s called the world’s most powerful motorsport.

Loch Ness (2)

Kidnapped to Loch Ness

Deep, murky and surrounded by mountains, Loch Ness is the perfect hiding place for a mythical monster. I spent a weekend camping on its banks and while I won’t be adding my name to the number of sightings of “Nessie”, I had a great few days exploring the Scottish Highlands.

Fringe (1)

Poetry and Politics – My final days at Ed Fringe

Ed Fringe has opened my eyes to the fascinating world of comedy. On the recommendation of a friend I went to see Phill Jupitus. I had no idea what to expect – if someone recommends a show to me, any more detail is irrelevant. If they think it’s worth telling me about, that’s good enough for me.

Fringe (6)

Is this the best Fringe venue in Edinburgh?

I’ve attended Fringe gigs in pubs, theatres, a circus tent, the top level of a double-decker bus, a football club, an inflatable up-side-down cow udder and a yurt nicknamed The Yurt Locker. And a dormant volcano. On Monday I climbed Arthur’s Seat to see the view of Edinburgh. On Tuesday I climbed it again for a comedy gig.

Fringe (2)

Ed Fringe 2013: Day 1 and 2

Every August Edinburgh hosts the Edinburgh International Festival. The Royal Mile, usually a peaceful tourist strip lined with kilt shops and overpriced restaurants, is mayhem. It’s closed to cars and full of buskers and performers promoting their shows, either by doing small skits in the street or handing out flyers. It’s crazy and I love it.