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Getting a feel for Old Man

I love this picture. It sums up everything that was awesome about this day and this hike. But when I look at this photo I can’t focus on the gorgeous sunshine or the snow. I just remember being worried and a bit…


In Pictures: One month in The Lake District

I’m alone in absolutely adoring The Lake District. This area, and Keswick in particular, is one of the most visited regions of England. So what exactly am I falling in love with? See for yourself. Some highlights from my first month in the paradise I’m calling home.


Skiddaw: My first fell

Despite its name, The Lake District has more mountains than waterways. Although here they aren’t called mountains. They are known as fells, a term used in Scandinavian countries and northern England. Its use to describe the mountains and hills in The…


Castlerigg Stone Circle: aliens or pranksters?

There are a lot of incredible things in the world that leave you wondering how something so magical and impressive came into being. The pyramids. Stonehenge. Disneyland. On a smaller scale, there is the Castlerigg Stone Circle. There are more…


The Lake District: Keswick

I knew when I applied for my UK working visa last year the timing could have been better. With the global economy the way it was, a smarter choice would have been to stay in my job in Australia – not try…


Hello my name is Megan and I’m a bibliophile

BIB • LI • O • PHILE (noun): A person who collects or has a great love of books. The above is a relatively new term for me, but it has become apparent that a predisposition to sunburn and  a quick wit are not…


My inner Jane and Go Ape

In Vancouver I lived on the 14th floor and got nervous going up in the elevator. I have vivid memories of standing on the 5-metre diving platform at the Burnie Pool for what seemed like an eternity before climbing back…


Cruising the Peak District with Wandering Duck

There are more than 2000 miles of canals in the UK. This information can be found on Wikipedia, or from my friendly canal boat captains, Mark and Ruth – and I prefer the personal touch. Mark and Ruth own Wandering Duck, a…


The fun and games of the Olympics

If you’re not very interested in sport, then I apologise for the recent content of Pegs on the Line. And I suppose, in advance, for this post. But then the Olympics aren’t really sport. Well of course there is sport, but there’s a…


A night on London’s West End: The Lion King

Even as a writer, there are some things I struggle to put into words. The Lion King musical is one of those things. Minutes into the show I had goosebumps and I spent the next two hours sitting on the…