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Stairs in Krusevo

Kruševo: A town of surprises

“Everyone goes to Bitola but no one goes to Kruševo,” complained the guy behind the hostel reception desk. “I’ll go. Where is it?”

Pelister (19)

If you go into the woods…

On paper it seemed possible. Pelister National Park was mere kilometres from Bitola in south-west Macedonia. With a sizeable town on its fringes, surely the park would be pretty accessible? Yes. And no.

Bus station

29 fun facts from two months in the Balkans

Did you know Albanians put teddy bears outside their houses to ward off bad spirits? And that some kids in Serbia only go to school in the afternoon? Enjoy some of the things I’ve learnt after spending two months in the Balkans.


I’m sorry Mum, I hitchhiked

Poor public transport means hitchhiking is popular in the Balkans. For weeks I ignored the encouragement to do it. And then I got stranded at the Macedonian border.