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My favourite cafes in Vancouver

Vancouver is home to some great cafes – if you know where to look. With a chain outlet on nearly every corner, finding somewhere with a bit of character can be tough. But it’s worth it.

Vancouver in Instagram2

Vancouver – this city is GORGEOUS

Vancouver is such a photographic city – especially when the weather is good. It’s a very scenic destination and so I’ve gone a tad crazy on Instagram. Enjoy my favourite pictures from my Canadian home.

Second Beach

In Pictures: Exploring Stanley Park

Stanley Park is a 1000-acre playground on the fringes of downtown Vancouver. Enjoy my favourite pictures from popular running routes along the picturesque Seawall and park trails. Oh and there’s squirrels.

Vancouver in the sun

Returning to Vancouver and real life

For weeks people have been asking how I feel about being in Vancouver. For a while, my answer (when I had one) wasn’t very positive. Returning to “real life” was hard, and it took me a while to accept it.


Why I travel: things that made me say “wow”

Expectations are a funny thing, especially when travelling. But what happens when you have no idea what’s around the corner, therefore no expectations? In my experience, it’s led to some of the best moments of my travels so far.


St. John’s rainbow streets

Three weeks and 5031km. It’s been a big trip. I’m not sure that measurement is exactly right, but it was the distance given to Vancouver from the top of Signal Hill in St. John’s. After two days driving around the…


Teacup goes roadtrippin’

My little SGTC tea cup has travelled about 5000km since leaving Vancouver three weeks ago. Actually so have I. Funny that. But once we touched down at St. John’s Airport in Newfoundland, my teacup and I found a new way…


Hostel: Lead Cove Hostel, Newfoundland

Never have I spent a chilly evening toasting marshmellows in the living room of a hostel. But then I didn’t find Lead Cove Hostel to be an ordinary hostel. As a seasoned hostel guest, I’ve become accustomed to the whole…


The Newfie road trip continues

Another wet and foggy day in Newfoundland. This comes after the island has received two weeks of glorious weather, so I’m told by the locals. Thanks. Today I’m returning to St. John’s, but I don’t want to double up on…