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Rotterdam art2

What the? Public art in Rotterdam

Is that Santa holding a butt plug? And a sculpture of oil drums? Welcome to the absurd world of public art in Rotterdam. So many European cities are renowned for their public art. Rotterdam, in The Netherlands, isn’t one of them. But it should be.

Coffeeshops Amsterdam

Should you try marijuana in Amsterdam?

Holland is one of the few countries where it’s (almost) legal to use cannabis. More than a third of visitors to Amsterdam check out a coffeeshop while in the city. Inevitably, you might find yourself considering doing the same. But does that mean you should light up?

De Laatste Kruimel

Five Great Cafes in Europe

Europe has a fabulous cafe culture. Just think of Paris where sitting at small table, sipping an espresso and watching the world go by is a thing! I love discovering great cafes when I travel. Here are some of my favourite finds.


Introducing Rotterdam: Europe’s worst example of town planning

If a city could have a personality, Rotterdam would have a killer sense of humour. If only so it could laugh at itself. The city was bombed in 1940 and rebuilt in one of the worst examples of town planning I’ve ever seen. The result is hilarious. Is this reason enough to visit Rotterdam? No. But if you’re in the area, Holland’s second-largest city is worth getting to know.

Silent Disco

What the hell is a silent disco?

A silent disco? Before I set foot inside the gate of Music Meeting, an annual festival at Nijmegen, I’d never heard the term before. But two hours later, I was a BIG fan.

Cannabis College Amsterdam

Higher Education: Busting Amsterdam’s Marijuana Myths

Pot, Grass, Weed, Bud, Dope, Mary Jane, THC, 420 – It doesn’t matter what you call it, cannabis is BIG business in The Netherlands. But the country isn’t the “drug haven” it’s thought to be. In fact, most assumptions made about Holland and drug use are a little off base.