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In Pictures: Edinburgh’s Old Bookshops

Edinburgh has produced and inspired some of the UK’s best-known writers. Trade at cafes such as The Elephant House went through the roof when people found out J K Rowling sat at its tables to write the first Harry Potter novel. Fans pay…


Is Glasgow as rough as they say?

On my last day in Glasgow I saw a man steal a pair of second-hand shoes. This shady act fitted perfectly with the image people had painted of the city. The siren I heard from my friend’s apartment was apparently the perfect soundtrack to this rough, dirty and dangerous place. But does Glasgow deserve all the trash talk? I didn’t think so.


Home truths about a UK working holiday

The working holiday program is one of the best ways for young Aussies to explore the UK and Europe. As long as we’re over 18, under 31 and have a bit of coin to support ourselves, we’re generally good to go. In theory, it…


Snow in spring? Must be England

English weather often reminds me of what I grew up with in Tasmania – frequently wet and cold, occasionally sunny and beautiful, but most of all: consistently unpredictable


In Pictures: Six months in the Lake District

Last week marked seven months for me in England’s Lake District. Not bad for what started out as a two-week job. I’m still in love with this place. My jaw dropped when I caught the bus to Keswick for my…

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My perfect day in London

A little while ago I wrote about my reasons for not wanting to live in London. All of them still stand. But that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in visiting occasionally. My most recent trip to The Big Smoke had…


London’s best kept secret: The Mousetrap

If you think Miss Marple is a brand of cake mix and Poirot is a French wine, this post may be of little interest to you. However if the dotty spinster from St Mary Mead and our little egg-shaped headed man are…


Getting a feel for Old Man

I love this picture. It sums up everything that was awesome about this day and this hike. But when I look at this photo I can’t focus on the gorgeous sunshine or the snow. I just remember being worried and a bit…


In Pictures: One month in The Lake District

I’m alone in absolutely adoring The Lake District. This area, and Keswick in particular, is one of the most visited regions of England. So what exactly am I falling in love with? See for yourself. Some highlights from my first month in the paradise I’m calling home.


Skiddaw: My first fell

Despite its name, The Lake District has more mountains than waterways. Although here they aren’t called mountains. They are known as fells, a term used in Scandinavian countries and northern England. Its use to describe the mountains and hills in The…