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My teacup's last outing for 2013 and probably the highlight - hot air ballooning over Cappadocia, Turkey.

Teacup Adventures in 2013

Photographing a trinket, toy or mascot on the road isn’t a new concept. But I’ve still never seen another teacup. This year my teacup visited 13 countries and even went hot air ballooning in Turkey. Check out what it got up to in 2013.

Of course it was the perfect Teacup Tales shot.

We found Father Ted’s House

Ireland could produce countless amazing television shows in the next decade, but not one will eclipse the popularity and legacy of Father Ted. I could try to describe it to you, but it would be impossible to do it justice. But take my word for it – it’s fecking hilarious.


Cafes in Glasgow

Glasgow might not be the first place you think of when it comes to finding a good cup of tea in the UK, but there are some great cafes worth checking out.



If there was any town as beautiful as my teacup, Bruges is it! Canals, chocolate and gorgeous buildings? What’s not to like here?


The tale of The Tower and a teacup

It was the Teacup Tale I had to have. My little teacup has visited many places in several different countries, but aside from a few iconic spots, most of the destinations have been unidentifiable. Not this one. Wonderful Paris. Two years ago I’d…

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Sunrise, mountains and tea

For the last five months, my little teacup has sat in my room doing exactly what it was intended – reminding me of Vancouver and all the adventures, fun and wonderful friends I had there. It’s been a while since my…


How to get funny looks in Rome

How to guarantee strange looks from every person standing near you: Take a flowery, china teacup, set it down on a 2000-year old ruin, and proceed to take a picture. Then be prepared to explain yourself. The choices for a…