Blue Eye (5)

How the Blue Eye took my breath away

The Blue Eye is a striking natural spring extending to a depth of about 50m. During the communist era Syri i Kalter was reserved for the party elite. Now it’s a popular attraction in southern Albania. It’s also bloody cold to swim in.

Theth (2)

The ride to Theth

The small community of Theth is nestled in the Albanian Alps. It’s only 70km from Shkodra, but the drive there can take up for four hours. At least there’s plenty of entertainment along the way…

One month down (4)

Highlights from one month in the Balkans

The last month feels like one big highlight of all my travels, but that would make a very long post. So instead I’ve picked some moments that I think capture the experiences I’ve had.

Bar Old Town (4)

(Politely) gatecrashing a wedding in Montenegro

It is as close to “wedding crashing” as I’ll ever get – walking into a wedding ceremony in the Old Town in Bar, on the Montenegrin coast. Good thing everyone was having too much fun to notice I was there.

Biogradska (3)

A perfect day in Biogradska Gora

The Biogradska Gora National Park is stunning part of Montenegro and home to a rare patch of primeval forest, beautiful scenery and a dormouse called Bruno.

Sargan Eight (1)

Šargan Eight Railway: A ride through the mountains

In a corner of western Serbia where the Bosnian border is a stone’s throw away, a little green train travels through the mountains. Never one to turn down a train or a trip through the mountains, I took a ride on Šargan Eight.

Alex, a CouchSurfer from Israel, performs on the street as he travels around. He was in Nis at the same time.

How Niš restored my faith in CouchSurfing

As it’s become more popular, CouchSurfing has changed – and not for the better. But my faith in the project was restored when I spent a week in Niš, met some wonderful people and explored the city through the eyes of the locals.

Belgrade (3)

Belgrade: The Ugly Truth

When I arrived in Belgrade I thought it was ugly. It was a rash judgement, but not entirely untrue. Much of the city is in various states of disrepair, but there’s beauty to be found here. If history had been different, perhaps my photos would be of gorgeous historical buildings instead of graffiti and bomb sites.