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Losing my voice

One of the most important aspects of good writing is having a voice. And I lost mine.

What travel taught me

What travel taught me about life

So much has changed in the last four years, but that would have been the case regardless of where I’d spent them. However, there are lessons I don’t think I would have learnt if not for travel.

At Bay of Fires


It happened just like before, only in reverse. This time, instead of feeling the urge – or rather the need – to go, I wanted to stay. So I am.

Overland Track

Now it’s my turn…

For almost 20 years I’ve dreamed of walking the Overland Track through the Tasmanian Wilderness. It’s finally happening.

Normanton Road

Queensland in my father’s footsteps

When I gatecrashed my parent’s holiday and they told me we’d be heading north to Cape York, I didn’t realise I’d be retracing my dad’s road trip 32 years earlier.

Cradle Mountain

Tasmania. We need to talk.

I love my home state of Tasmania (so does Lonely Planet), but I’m not shy in saying the tourist experience could be improved.

Home after travel

Home after travel

Returning home after travel is tough to describe and the question of what it’s like to be back doesn’t get easier the more times I’m asked.

A Change of Direction

A change of direction

If I’ve learnt anything in the last three years it’s that making plans is a wonderful waste of time.