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How to have the ULTIMATE local experience

In the last few weeks a little theme has appeared in my Twitter feed. Live like a local in London. Living like a local in Paris. Living like a local in Amsterdam. Eat like a local in LA. Explore Vancouver…


London’s best kept secret: The Mousetrap

If you think Miss Marple is a brand of cake mix and Poirot is a French wine, this post may be of little interest to you. However if the dotty spinster from St Mary Mead and our little egg-shaped headed man are…


Cruising the Peak District with Wandering Duck

There are more than 2000 miles of canals in the UK. This information can be found on Wikipedia, or from my friendly canal boat captains, Mark and Ruth – and I prefer the personal touch. Mark and Ruth own Wandering Duck, a…


Play nice: The Tour de France caravan

Think the Tour de France is just about cycling? Wrong. The Tour has evolved into a roving carnival traveling through the back roads of France. This has largely occurred due to the preceding caravan. The Tour de France Caravan features…


Getting lost in Venice

In Casino Royale, Daniel Craig, as James Bond, races around Venice. In the film the city looks so gorgeous. (As does Daniel Craig) Lovely old buildings, the weaving canals – a-one-of-a-kind city. What those scenes don’t show are all the tourists. So many tourists….


il Latini – Tuscany on a plate

It had been sold to me as “the best Tuscan meal of your life”. And judging by the line-up we faced on our first attempt to eat at il Latini, I reckon that wasn’t an overstatement. After our rookie mistake…


Florence’s pin-up boy

Michelangelo’s David. The world’s second most famous David. I’d be a lot more excited about seeing the first one naked, but I’ll leave that for Victoria Beckham. So why all the fuss over this naked statue? I honestly have no…


Experience Le Tour de France

You don’t need to be a cycling fan to enjoy the Tour de France. I mean, it helps, but the three-week race is often spectacle enough. Broadcasts of the race draw up to 15 million viewers around the world. But if…