Teacup goes roadtrippin’

My little SGTC tea cup has travelled about 5000km since leaving Vancouver three weeks ago. Actually so have I. Funny that. But once we touched down at St. John’s Airport in Newfoundland, my teacup and I found a new way to travel: by car.

I hadn’t driven since leaving Tasmania nearly a year ago. And I had never driven on the right-hand side of the road. Except for those times when it’s a country road and I can see who’s coming. I hope no traffic cops are reading this.

With my teacup safely buckled up in the front seat, we spent two days driving around Newfoundland’s Avalon Peninsula and added another 500km to our journey. We stopped in some beautiful spots including Brigus and Cupids – two historic towns not far from St. John’s.


Resting on a bench in Cupids

The next day, battling some very strong winds and unpleasant rain, we visited Cape Spear. Yes, that’s right. My little teacup has travelled from Kerrisdale allll the way to the most eastern point of North America.

In front of the new lighthouse at Cape Spear

The weather really was shocking. I only let go of the teacup for a second to snap a picture and then grabbed it before it ended up flying over a cliff into the Atlantic Ocean.

A careful shot in front of the old lighthouse

Back in the city, I strolled the colourful streets of St. John’s. I visited Signal Hill, but after the battle with the winds the day before, I didn’t want to put the teacup at risk again. And my hands were too cold! But I still needed a photo in St. John’s. Finally I found something as pretty as the teacup. One of St. John’s famous jellybean houses. It’s hard to see, but it’s there on the door step.







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