Bikinis at Monterosso in Cinque Terre

In Pictures: Summer in Europe

Despite my aversion to the heat and attempts to stay in cooler climates, I’ve spent my last two summers in Europe. I’ve melted on the sidewalks in Paris and spent hours inside Italian churches trying to keep cool. Here are my favourite photos from my summers in Europe.

Rotterdam art2

What the? Public art in Rotterdam

Is that Santa holding a butt plug? And a sculpture of oil drums? Welcome to the absurd world of public art in Rotterdam. So many European cities are renowned for their public art. Rotterdam, in The Netherlands, isn’t one of them. But it should be.

Beijing's Night Market has the most bizarre selection of foods. These starfish sat alongside insects and scorpions.

In Pictures: Markets around the world

Markets are one of the oldest institutions in the world. Before supermarkets and chain stores, people came together at streets and squares to buy what they need. They were a place of trade and gossip. I love visiting markets when I travel. While some exist as a tourist attraction, others remain an insight into their community.

Silent Disco

What the hell is a silent disco?

A silent disco? Before I set foot inside the gate of Music Meeting, an annual festival at Nijmegen, I’d never heard the term before. But two hours later, I was a BIG fan.


The Shop With No Keeper

Visiting the Honest Shop in Coniston is like stepping back in time – back to an era when dinner was always homecooked and your clothes home made.