Five-year-old Megan – this one’s for you: Paris Disneyland

“Please remain seated until your teacup has come to a complete stop” comes the announcement over the speaker. We can only be in one place. Disneyland!

“What?? You’re in Paris – one of the most beautiful and culturally significant cities in the world and you’re at freaking Disneyland??”

Yep. I am. Deal with it.

But I’m not doing this for me. Not exactly. This is for five-year-old me. And six-year-old me. Me at the age I loved Disney movies, wanted to be a Disney Princess and new all the words to A Whole New World.

Disneyland would have to be the ultimate travel destination for any kid. Think back to five-year-old you – as if they would have turned down the opportunity to go. Five-year-old Megan would have had a serious tantrum at me passing up the opportunity. Just how serious? Well “doing a Megan” is a saying in our family.

I can’t make all my childhood dreams come true. I will never be a Power Ranger or find a real Planeteer ring. But I can go to Disneyland.

Disneyland Paris is about a 40-minute train trip from the city and unlike Disneyland Tokyo, the attractions here are split into two parks: Disneyland Paris and the Walt Disney Studio Park. I only had one day to spend and didn’t feel like rushing between the two (or paying for the ticket that covered both) so Disneyland Paris it was! 

I’m not one for lines, so I happily skipped the big rides. Plus I’ve done them before. (Two visits to Disneyland Tokyo eased some, but not all, of the cravings of my inner child.) Instead we explored, and got lost, in the 140-acre park. The entire Disneyland Paris complex covers 4800 acres. Of course it’s cheesy and completely aimed at children, but there is something so magical about this place.

Grown up me wished she’d packed a lunch to avoid payinga ridiculous amount to eat at a restaurant in the park. Grown up me was annoyed Toon Town was in the the Walt Disney Studio Park. But little me love the Disney castle and the teacups.

Everyone is just so damn happy here: the kids, the parents, the adults dressed up as Disney characters and me. Especially when 5pm rolled around. I’m a fan of parades and a Disneyland parade has got to be up there among the best – maybe not quite as spectacular as Mardi Gras etc.

There was only one parade this time: The Disney Once Upon A Dream Parade at 5pm. I may have dragged the rest of my family along early to bag a good spot. Five-year-old me enjoyed the view. Her favourite floats were Mary Poppins and the Winnie the Pooh.

Twenty-six-year-old Megan nursed some light sunburn and slept well that night. Six-year-old Megan wondered what the park in Anaheim is like….


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