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Stena sailing

Five reasons to love ferries

I’ve really enjoyed having so many options to get around while travelling in Europe – planes, trains, buses and ferries. The last isn’t a popular option for a lot of travellers, but here’s five reasons it should be!

Steep streets of Coimbra

The secrets of Coimbra

All I knew about Coimbra when I got there was “university town, steep streets”. I left having been introduced to a quirky city full of history, traditions and pastries.

Albania (1)

Is it safe to travel in Albania?

Albania doesn’t have a great international reputation. It’s famed for its mafia, drug trade and human trafficking. Naturally, this image raises the question of whether it’s safe to travel here. After two weeks in Albania and I can tell you: it is.

Ravenglass (12)

A day on La’al Ratty – Finally

In a quiet valley in the heart of the Lake District, a little steam train puffs through the fells. La’al Ratty travels from the coast at Ravenglass to the green paddocks at Boot. And you know how I love trains…

Coffeeshops Amsterdam

Should you try marijuana in Amsterdam?

Holland is one of the few countries where it’s (almost) legal to use cannabis. More than a third of visitors to Amsterdam check out a coffeeshop while in the city. Inevitably, you might find yourself considering doing the same. But does that mean you should light up?

Five problems with your budget flight

Five problems with your budget flight

When booking a bargain flight, factor in all the potential extra costs. Sometimes cheap flights aren’t what they seem. Here are five potential problems with your budget flight.