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Why I travel: things that made me say “wow”

Expectations are a funny thing, especially when travelling. But what happens when you have no idea what’s around the corner, therefore no expectations? In my experience, it’s led to some of the best moments of my travels so far.


The captivating streets of Berlin

I love exploring new places by just walking in them and of all the cities I’ve done this in, none have been so full of surprises as Berlin. You could fill days and days here and not set foot inside a…


In Pictures: Autumn in Berlin

Autumn is my favourite season. I love the colours and the weather – not too hot, not too cold. In Australia, it means it’s time for Easter and my birthday. But since living in Canada and the UK I get excited…


Berlin: The obligatory step back in time

Germany. Hitler. The Berlin Wall. I wasn’t expecting much more from Berlin. Why would I? It’s all anyone really hears about it. As it’s a city I’ve never been too interested in visiting, I’ve never bothered to learn much more…


Track side: Le Tour in Paris

There are some events a sports fan just has to watch. They include, but are not limited to, the Melbourne Cup, tennis Grand Slam finals, the AFL Grand Final, the Boxing Day Test, any soccer or rugby world cup game Australia is competing…


Why I love le Tour

Le Tour de France is one of the greatest sporting events in the world and is great fun as a spectator – either live or at home. What is it about this race that makes it so much fun for everyone?


24 hours in Zurich

Switzerland is home to a lot of wonderful things: Lindt chocolate, Toblerone, great watches, Roger Federer, and, as I found out, the $6 cup of tea from Starbucks. I hadn’t expected Zurich to be cheap, but I wasn’t quite prepared…