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Life along the Daintree River

The Daintree River is an interesting place – one minute you’re walking on a gravel road passing cattle and horses, the next you’re collecting coconuts and watching for crocodiles.

The Nut

A trip down memory lane

No matter how long I’m gone for, the North-West Coast of Tasmania will always be home. When I visited the region after three years overseas I spent a day driving to some of my favourite spots.

Boats at Franklin

Returning home to #rediscovertasmania

I love Tasmania and it will always be home, even if I didn’t set foot in the state for three years. But after so long away, I’m looking at my home state with fresh eyes.

Surfers at Mona Vale

The side of Sydney you NEED to see

For a long time I didn’t enjoy Sydney. That changed when I discovered the Northern Beaches, a stretch of beautiful, quiet, beaches, great coffee and a relaxed lifestyle.