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A city of trees

Even the promise of rain in the afternoon couldn’t drag me out of bed early. My busy few weeks, plus a restless night on the train, saw me sleep in and it was after noon when I left the house….


So Saskatoon…not so boring after all

This is what greeted me as The Canadian pulled into Saskatoon at 8am on Thursday morning: Not a great start. As the local bus toured the outskirts before heading into the city centre, things didn’t get much better. Although thumbs…


Jasper’s Beauty Comes Crashing Down

After covering almost everything I wanted to see in Jasper that could be achieved on foot, on Wednesday I accepted an invitation to explore a few places that were out of reach of me and my hiking boots. My guide…


Up, up and away on the Jasper Tramway

I’m not one for “attractions” and so have largely ignored the many brochures for rafting, sightseeing trips, wildlife tours around Jasper. Initially I didn’t even consider riding the Jasper Tramway. But word around town is it’s an experience not to be missed….


My teacup rides the Jasper Tramway

After a hike up to the base of the Jasper Tramway tucked safely in my camera bag, my little teacup came out to play at the top of Whistlers Mountain. A post on the Tramway will follow shortly….


Best lunch spot in Jasper

This is where I had lunch yesterday. Gorgeous huh? While hiking in Jasper is the thing to do, you have to be smart about it, and heading into the trails alone (especially when you’re young, female, and not from the area) isn’t always wise….


Exploring Jasper’s Trails

While much of Canada’s mountain towns are packed for the winter, it is the summer when Jasper swells. Why? This little town, home to about 4000 people year round, is surrounded by miles and miles of trails. It is a outdoor…

Snowboarding on Grouse

And now it’s snow time

I’ve been in Canada for eight months. From my living room window I can see three ski runs: Seymour, Grouse and Cypress. A bus from pretty much from my front door to the cable car at the bottom of Grouse takes…

Giants on ice

There are an unsettling number of things that give me away as a foreigner.You might think the accent would do it, but with so many Australians in Vancouver, people never know if you’ve been here for 20 years or 20…