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Big ship. Little teacup.

It turns out Halifax doesn’t have many distinctive landmarks or attractions. That limits my options for a memorable photo of my little tea cup in the city. I really wanted a sailor. I’d seen them walking around in their little…


The other great ocean road

Over the duration of an extended trip, eventually everything starts to get a little fuzzy. I loose track of time, start to lose motivation and everything starts to look a little the same. Then something happens that blows my mind. And I remember…


Halifax through the fog

The signs were in the air on Monday, when I was walking around Quebec city trying to keep warm and avoid the rain. As my last train, The Ocean, trekked across Quebec, New Brunswick and into Nova Scotia, it still…


Quebec: Montmorency Falls

One recommendation for my time in Quebec City was to visit Montmorency Falls. I paid little attention to the suggestion at the time assuming any attraction like that would be out of the city and difficult to reach without a car. But my visit…


My little teacup gets a little wet

My last day in Quebec city and my little SGTC teacup had yet to make an outing. So I packed it up and on the bus to Montmorency Falls we went. The falls are about 12km from the centre of…


CouchSurfing and party crashing in Quebec

I’m a big advocate of CouchSurfing and my weekend in Quebec explains why. The generousity and hospitality I received from not just my host, but complete strangers, was incredible. And lots of fun.


Lucie’s List: Three days in Montreal

I had no idea what I should see in Montreal, so my friend, Lucie, made this list of things to see. I spent three days working my way through her suggestions including exploring the Old Town, visiting Parc Jean-Drapeau and eating bagels and desserts.


Stepping back in time in Quebec

After the pace and size of Montreal, Quebec City is a welcome break. Although if I complained about the use of French in Montreal at all, it was nothing to what I’m facing here. The people of Quebec consider themselves Quebecers…


Five things to do in Saskatoon

Saskatoon? Really? Why? If ONE more person says this to me, I’m going to make them say Saskatchewan 10 times really fast. This town, like any town, is what you make it. So here are some tips to get the…