Your guide to an amazing adventure in Tasmania

For a small state, Tasmania packs a lot in. Think you can tackle it in a long weekend? Think again. To give you an idea of what you’re in for, I’ve compiled a list of 100 things to do in Tasmania. This list features my favourite places and experiences in my beautiful home state. Some of them are well known and very popular, others are special to me.

As much I would love to have experienced everything on this list personally, some of these adventures (#50!!) haven’t been possible. But anything that isn’t one of my own recommendations has come highly praised by friends and family who love travel, adventure and Tasmania!

How far down the list will you get before you start looking at flights to Tassie?

100 things to do in Tasmania - The Nut, Stanley

#1 The Nut

1. We’ll start with my favourite town. Stanley. Climb the Nut, but take the chairlift back down.

2. Enjoy the scones at Touchwood Cafe at Stanley. Oh so fluffy.

3. Stand on Hellyer Beach and take in the view of the Nut to the west and Rocky Cape to the east.

4. Go to Dip Falls and hug the Big Tree.

5. Look in rock pools at Boat Harbour Beach.

6. Walk through the Rocky Cape National Park to Anniversary Bay. There’s a long way and a short way. The long way is worth it.

7. Drive to the Edge of the World and Marrawah. Surf if you dare.

8. If you’ve got the car for it, explore the Tarkine Drive.

9. Play golf? Have a swing on two world-standard courses on King Island – Cape Wickham and Ocean Dunes.

100 things to do in Tasmania - Anniversary Bay

#6 Anniversary Bay

10. Tiptoe through the tulips at Table Cape if you’re visiting in spring. Keep an eye out for Murdering Gully Road on the drive there….

11. While you’re at Table Cape, drive slowly along Tollymore Rd to find the best place to pull over for gorgeous coastal views.

12. Catch sunrise or sunset at Somerset Beach. It’s best at low tide.

13. Spy on the little penguins near the Maker’s Workshop at dusk.

14. Can you find a platypus at Fern Glade?

15. Drink up at Hellyer’s Road Distillery. Stay for lunch.

#10 Table Cape Tulip Farm

#10 Table Cape Tulip Farm

16. Photograph the colour at Emu Valley Rhododendron Garden.

17. Drink, dine or both at Fish Frenzy or Bayviews Restaurant. You’ll be steps from the beach.

18. Book lunch at Mount Gnomon Farm’s cafe. Aren’t the pigs cute? If that’s not open during your trip, track down some produce at a local farmers market.

19. Skip the highway and take the Old Coast Road between Burnie and Ulverstone. Drive slowly.

Mount Gnomon Farm

#18 Mount Gnomon Farm

20. Take a selfie with the Big Penguin. At Christmas compliment his Santa Suit.

21. Try not to get vertigo at the Leven Canyon. Don’t just admire the view from the top – venture into it.

22. Have a beer at Drift Cafe and watch the Spirit of Tasmania leave the Mersey River and head for Bass Strait.

23. Try the world’s rarest chocolate, FortunatoNo4, at the House of Anvers at Latrobe. Is Anvers home to the best hot chocolate on the North West?

#24 Hansons Peak, Cradle Mountain

#24 Hansons Peak, Cradle Mountain

24. Climb Marions Lookout for the best view of Cradle Mountain. Try Hansons Peak for another perspective. Take a helicopter ride to see it all.

25. Enjoy your bubbles with a side of bubbles in the outdoor hot tub at Waldheim Alpine Spa. You can indulge with platters, chocolate and drinks surrounded by wilderness.

26. Stop by Devils@Cradle in time for a tour. Say hi to my adopted devil, Mortimer. Consider adopting one yourself. After you learn about the threats to these cute creatures, you’ll want to help.

27. Pick your favourite letterbox on the Wilmot Letter Box Trail.

#25 Waldheim Alpine Spa, Cradle Mountain

#25 Waldheim Alpine Spa, Cradle Mountain

28. Every town needs a claim to fame – admire the topiary at Railton and the murals at Sheffield.

29. Visit the Village of Lower Crackpot at Promised Land. No I’m not making up place names. On your way don’t get lost in Nook, Paradise or Nowhere Else.

30. Climb the Face Track at Mount Roland, if you’re up for it. Or take the easier route from Gowrie Park Village on O’Neill’s Road. Or skip both, take a photo of the mountain from the lookout at stay warm in the Sheffield Pub.

31. Say g’day to Ludo and his alpacas. They stroll down High Street in Sheffield a couple of times a day.

32. Have a pit stop at the Tasmanian Food & Wine Conservatory. It’s beautiful and the food is amazing.

33. Find a wombat at Narawntapu National Park.

#32 Tasmanian Food & Wine Conservatory

#32 Tasmanian Food & Wine Conservatory

34. Pick up some chocolate-covered raspberries at Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm. The raspberry jam is worth buying in bulk too.

35. Sing into the Cathedral at Marakoopa Cave.

36. Walk to Cataract Gorge from Launceston’s city centre. Take the chairlift over and walk back across the suspension bridge.

37. Devour an eclair at Hubert & Dan in Longford.

38. Go behind the scenes at Boag’s Brewery. Try Boag’s Red – you can’t get it outside Tassie. Don’t drive to the tour. There’s free beer.

39. Sample some local drops at Tamar Valley vineyards. Jansz and Josef Chromy are personal favourites.

40. Eat local at the Saturday Harvest Market. There’s a reason people line up for the lamb steak sandwiches.

#38 Boag's Brewery, Launceston

#38 Boag’s Brewery, Launceston

41. Keep your eating pants on for a trip to Launceston restaurants including Black Cow, Stillwater and Jailhouse Grill. Mmmm steak.

42. Visit Tasmania’s most famous bear at Bridestowe Lavender Farm. Best blooms are in December and January.

43. Plan a day of golfing, lunching and spa-ing at Barnbougle.

44. Stretch the legs in the Strzelecki National Park on Flinders Island. Prepare for it to be windy when you reach the top of the granite boulders.

45. See the Little Blue Lake. It’s a lake that’s little and it’s blue. Still worth the drive to nowhere.

#42 Bridestowe Lavender Farm

#42 Bridestowe Lavender Farm

46. There’s a pub in a paddock. It’s called Pub in A Paddock. There’s also a resident pig. While you’re in the area visit St Columba Falls and the Holy Cow Café at the Pyengana Dairy Company.

47. Kick your feet in the white sand of the Bay for Fires. Don’t skip Binalong Bay.

48. Soak in what may just be the world’s most picturesque bathtub at Thalia Haven.

49. Don’t leave Tassie without a photo of Wineglass Bay at Freycinet National Park. Climb Mount Amos for an even better view.

50. Splurge – and I do mean splurge – on a night at Saffire. Suites start at about $2000 per night so this may not be for everyone (including me just yet).

51. Catch the ferry to Maria Island and hire a bike to explore.

#47 Bay of Fires

#47 Bay of Fires

52. Enjoy wine and oysters at the Bangor Wine & Oyster Shed in in Dunalley. The name says it all, really.

53. Sunrise at the Tessellated Pavement at Eaglehawk Neck is an Instagrammer’s dream, but a visit any time of day is worth it.

54. Stand back at the Blow Hole. Don’t miss Tasman Arch, Devils Kitchen or Remarkable Cave while you’re in the area.

55. Take in the fresh air and views on the three-night walk along the Three Capes Track. You don’t even need to carry a tent.

56. Stay up late for the ghost tour at Port Arthur. OK, so the latest they start is 8.30pm, but as a kid that tour felt late. And scary.

57. Make your own gin at William McHenry & Sons Distillery. Take a friend who doesn’t like gin. Someone has to drive.

58. The Richmond Bridge is the oldest bridge still being used in Australia. Check it out, then visit the chocolate shop.

100 things to do in Tasmania - Tessalated Pavement

#53 Tessellated Pavement

59. If you’re travelling along the Midlands, you must stop at Campbell Town. It’s un-Tasmanian not to. Also, there’s a great bookshop in the cellar of a 1830s inn.

60. Join the thousands of Japanese fans who visit the Ross Bakery. Apparently the oven and shop looks like an extremely popular Japanese cartoon.

61. If you’ve already driven the Midlands once, take the Great Lakes Shortcut from Deloraine to Bothwell – but only in good weather. Liffey Falls is a good detour on the way.

62. Allow more time than you think you’ll need at Mona. You’ll want to spend at least 20 minutes in the Madonna room. More if you actually like Madonna.

63. Day or night, the view from Mount Wellington is stunning. Pack a jacket. And then another one. It’s bloody cold.

64. Explore Salamanca on a Saturday to see the market, then go back another day to explore without the crowds.

65. Sip a cocktail at sunset at The Glasshouse.

#72 Berta, Hobart

#72 Berta, Hobart

66. Take your pick of Hobart’s many great restaurants for dinner: Frank, Capitol, Me Wah, Urban Greek, Aloft, Brunswick Hotel, Rockwall…oh the list goes on.

67. Take a seat (and a glass of wine woohoo!) at the State Cinema. You’ll be able to catch some great films that unfortunately aren’t going to make it to the mainstream theatres.

68. Stay at The Henry Jones Art Hotel. You might be surprised with information about your convict past when you check in.

69. Browse top Tasmanian literature at Fullers Bookshop. Tassie’s home to a Man Booker Prize winner, you know.

70. Hold on for a ride with Pennicott Wilderness Journeys to Bruny Island, Tasman Island or Iron Pot.

#74 Bruny Island

#74 Bruny Island

71. Rise and shine for the Farm Gate Market if you’re in town on Sunday morning.

72. Hobart’s cafe scene is buzzing. Favourites are Small Fry, Berta, Machine Laundry Cafe, Jackman & McRoss, Pilgrim Coffee, Coterie & Co and Tricycle Cafe & Bar.

73. Time to head south – stroll around the Kettering Marina while you wait for….

74. The ferry to Bruny Island. If you can’t stay overnight on the island, catch the early ferry to make sunrise at The Neck.

75. Get ready to eat your way around the island. Put The Bruny Island Cheese Co, Get Shucked and Bruny Island Premium Wines on your itinerary, but be prepare to pull over at any farm gate stalls.

76. Drive the Channel Highway and make a detour for Eggs and Bacon Bay. Because how can you not visit a place named after breakfast?

#78 Huon Valley

#78 Huon Valley

77. Stop in Cygnet and pop into the Lovett Gallery, The Lotus Eaters Cafe and Cygneture Chocolates.

78. Carry some change so you can buy a bag of fresh apples from a roadside stall on your drive through the Huon Valley.

79. Warm up with some apple pie or cool down with some Willie Smith’s apple cider at The Apple Shed near Huonville.

#80 Huon River, Franklin

#80 Huon River, Franklin

80. Photograph the boats moored on the often-still Huon River at Franklin.

81. It’s an unlikely spot for such great sushi, but you won’t regret stopping at Masaaki’s Sushi in Geeveston.

82. Take in the view from the Tahune Airwalk. Unless you’re afraid of heights. Then skip it.

83. Go underground at Hastings Cave.

84. Drive to Cockle Creek. If you want to go any further you’ll be doing it on foot. This is the furthest south you can drive in Tasmania.

#79 The Apple Shed

#79 The Apple Shed

85. Fly into the South West National Park. If you’re game, slug it out for 84 kilometres on the seven-day walk back out. If you’re sane, make the return trip in the plane.

86. Enjoy the autumn colours in the Derwent Valley. Worth a visit at any time of year though.

87. See Tasmania’s favourite waterfall to Instagram – Russell Falls – in Mount Field National Park. Although if you’re here in late April/early May, the real attraction is the fagus.

88. See my favourite waterfall to Instagram – Nelson Falls – on the Lyell Highway near Queenstown.

#87 Russell Falls

#87 Russell Falls

89. Stay at Pumphouse Point and do nothing.

90. See The Wall. Yep. Wow.

91. Catch the Idaclair across Australia’s deepest lake.

92. Visit a ghost town! Yes, an actual ghost town. There’s a few to choose from. Linda is accessible – it’s right on the highway. Pillinger requires a two-hour walk, but it’s a beautiful hike. Dundas is close to Zeehan and Williamsford is near Rosebery.

#89 Pumphouse Point

#89 Pumphouse Point

93. All aboard the West Coast Wilderness Railway. If you can, buy a ticket for the Wilderness Carriage and do a full-day trip. You’ll never see such remote wilderness in such comfort.

94. Stand at the bow of the vessel on the Gordon River Cruise at it winds along the Gordon River into the South West Wilderness and imagine what it must have been like to see this 100 years ago. (Hint: it would have looked exactly the same.)

95. Take a tour of Sarah Island. It’s a nice name for hell on earth.

#93 West Coast Wilderness Railway

#93 West Coast Wilderness Railway

96. Sunset at Ocean Beach is a must. At any time of year. In any kind of weather.

97. Take an easy stroll through the rainforest to Hogarth Falls. They aren’t all that impressive, but hey, check out my last name.

98. Smell Huon Pine at Morrison’s Sawmill at Strahan. Is that a weird thing to suggest?

99. Another waterfall. This time Montezuma Falls near Rosebery. You can’t really get enough of waterfalls. Or walks through the wilderness.

100. Ride the Fat Man Barge at Corinna. That will be short and sweet, so then board the Arcadia II for a cruise up the Pieman River.

#94 Gordon River

#94 Gordon River

*Pictures #53, #74 and #87 by @hogarthtravels


  1. Joy Whiting

    Great list! I have visited many of these wonderful places over the years visiting Tassie. Look forward to visiting more.
    I often get asked for recommendations from friends off to visit Tasmania. Now I can direct them to this comprehensive list on your blog. Lagoon Bay at Low Head is a great spot to watch a sunset too. Lets face it your list could go on.
    Cheers Joy

  2. Wow! Thanks for such a comprehensive To-Do list. I will definitely consider the points that you have mentioned in this post when I visit Tasmania later this month. I am especially looking forward to visiting places like Burry Island, and Russell Falls.

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