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It used to be Australia’s beautiful secret, but now everyone is learning what awaits across the water. Let’s blame Instagram for that. It’s no surprise there are some very talented photographers hiding down here who are happy to share Tasmania with the world. If you haven’t been inspired to visit yet, that’s about to change.

In no particular order, here’s a list of great Tasmanian-based Instagrammers who show off the paradise I call home.


Heath Holden

You never quite know what will pop up in Heath’s feed (it depends on location and his latest gig: sports, shooting for Australian Geographic, or a run in the wilderness), but expect to see a lot of the North-West Coast. A highlight is his series on Tasmanian Devils, achieved with camera trapping techniques.

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Kathryn Leahy

I like to think I know my state pretty well, but a few of Kathryn’s posts have be thinking “where is that?”. Her account shows off some interesting places around the Hobart area that you don’t see much of and reminds me I need to explore that city more.


Ben Wilkinson

I’ve followed Ben’s work on Facebook for a while, which is where he seems to share most of his images. He’s recently spent some time in the Tarkine and hopefully we’ll be seeing more of that soon.

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This account gives one of the best insights into Tasmania’s wilderness. There is just so much to see if you’re prepared to strap on a backpack and go for a hike, as these photos show.

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Sunrise, sunset and the beach – put all that together and you’ve got an Instagram account that makes you want to set your alarm clock for an early rise.


Cam Blake

Cam runs photography workshops at Cradle Mountain, so understandably there are a lot of shots from there. But he’s also been delving into the Tarkine lately, showing off a Tasmanian secret a lot of the world has yet to discover.

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Nick Green

His bio says he’s 19 – if that’s true, wow! If you thought Tasmania wasn’t a surf destination, Nick’s photos will change your mind.

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Aaron Jones

If you’re a regular reader you won’t be surprised to see Aaron listed. You can read more about him in this post. Aaron’s pictures remind me how magical the Tasmanian wilderness is and I admire the lengths he goes to in pursuing his passion.



Her road trips take her all over Tassie – to the Pieman River on the West Coast, Tahune Airwalk in the South, Eaglehawk Neck in the South-East and lots of places in between!

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Francois Fourie

Another photographer whose images take me to places that I can’t believe are in Tasmania. Frenchmans Cap was already on my to-do list, but it moved up after seeing Francois’s photos. And yes, in Tasmania, the Milky Way really can look like that. (You’ll see what I’m talking about when you check out his account.)


Grace and Sam

A couple of months ago Grace and Sam checked out some of Tasmania’s best accommodation. Their soft, charming images show off this state so beautifully. I love seeing the world through their lens.

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I love the variety of this account – city, beaches, nature.  The autumn photos from Redland’s Estate summed up my favourite season perfectly.

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I often have to read the captions of Jude’s images because I don’t know where they’re taken. I always think that’s a good sign, because it means I’m seeing something different than the same old sights! I’m envious of her Lake St Clair shots – the lake was anything but calm when I was there.

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Paul Fleming

If I ever meet Paul I’m sure I’ll be the millionth person to ask him about his Instagram name. I enjoy his feed not just for the images, but also for the effort he makes in sharing more detail about his experiences and the destinations with his followers.


Matt Glastonbury

Matt and Mia Glastonbury (@miaglastonbury) are Instagram rockstars in Tassie. Their careers now take them all over the world, but they still have a whole lot of love for their home state.


Peter Dowling

Peters’s one of the few non-Hobart based regular Instagrammers on this list. Somerset Beach is one of his favourite haunts at sunrise and sunset.


Tim Lake

Tasmania’s capital features strongly in Tim’s feed. Lately he’s taken some particularly striking shots of the city and waterfront at night.

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Mike’s account has a little bit of everything. There’s crystal-clear night shots, plenty of exploration around Tasmania’s south, and he’s not afraid to experiment occasionally with something different.


Jimmy Emms

I’m not all that comfortable on a boat so I enjoying seeing life on the water through Jimmy’s photos. They capture both the beauty and the untamed nature of the sea – which is also a good way to describe Tasmania as a whole.


Jason Stephens

Jason is a Launceston-based night owl. He has some beautiful star trail and aurora images, and also highlights the north of the state.


Sophie Fazackerley

Sophie captures such beautiful skies! It may not always been the focus of her images, but I’m always drawn to them.


Georgie FitzGerald

Georgie features some of the smaller details that make Tassie so beautiful, as well as lovely landscape shots. It’s a nice reminder that it pays to look closer sometimes.


Campbell Ship

I don’t know if it’s Campbell’s passion for interior design, or background in residential photography, but I get the sense that he just sees things a little bit differently. When he shoots a familar sight or landscape, it’s often taken from a viewpoint I haven’t seen before.


Nat Barron

Tasmania’s beautiful skies (it’s all about the low light pollution) are perfect fodder for Nat. All that coffee must help him stay up late enough to get those great shots.

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Know an Instagrammer who highlights what’s so special about Tasmania? Share in the comments.

I didn’t include myself on this list (that would be weird) but I’m at @pegsontheline if you want to follow along!


  1. Hi Megan,

    Thanks so much for including me in the list! We’ve got such a great and talented bunch of folks here in Tassie. Always great to see what people are up to.


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