The world’s oldest art galleries

The Aboriginal people of Australia they are the artists behind the world’s oldest galleries. The Quinkan Galleries are some of the best examples of Indigenous rock art in the country.

York Island

Standing at The Tip

Australia is one huge country – which makes standing at The Tip, the northernmost point of the continent, an awe-inspiring experience.


Life along the Daintree River

The Daintree River is an interesting place – one minute you’re walking on a gravel road passing cattle and horses, the next you’re collecting coconuts and watching for crocodiles.

Stairs in Krusevo

Kruševo: A town of surprises

“Everyone goes to Bitola but no one goes to Kruševo,” complained the guy behind the hostel reception desk. “I’ll go. Where is it?”

Surfers at Mona Vale

The side of Sydney you NEED to see

For a long time I didn’t enjoy Sydney. That changed when I discovered the Northern Beaches, a stretch of beautiful, quiet, beaches, great coffee and a relaxed lifestyle.

Newborn sign

What it’s like to travel in Kosovo

I had expectations of Kosovo as a country still finding its identity after a war that wasn’t all that long ago. So I was surprised to instead discover a country that was traveller-friendly and packed with fascinating history, culture and sights.